Our Services

Dental Services


Comprehensive implant treatment services for endosseous and transosseous implants. This includes 3D cone beam image reconstruction, bone grafting and bone regeneration procedures as well as sinus lifts and final implant placement.

Removal of Teeth

Surgical Removal of Wisdom Teeth--Nonrestorable Teeth--Baby Teeth--Abscessed Teeth--Removal of Teeth for Orthodontic Purposes.


State of the Art IV Sedation--Local Anesthesia If Desired--Patient Comfort and Pain Control Primary Concern--Doctors are Advanced Cardiac Lifesupport Certified--Nurses Have Current BLS Certification.

Dentoalveolar Surgery

Dentoalevolar surgery relates to the diseases of the teeth and the supporting soft tissue and bony structures in the mouth. The most common dentoalveolar procedure is the extraction of teeth that are badly decayed and not salvageable.


Treatment of Infections--Removal of Cysts and Tumors of the Jaws, Lips, Tongue, and Salivary Glands.

Preprosthetic Surgery

Bone Recontouring, Bone Grafting, Soft Tissue Preparation for Dentures and Partial Dentures.


Treatment and management of facial and jaw fractures. Treatment of displaced or traumatically lost teeth.

Cosmetic Services

Dermal Fillers

Radiesse ®, a safe FDA approved dermal filler, restores a natural, younger look that lasts longer than other fillers.


A simple, nonsurgical, physician-administered treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines.